Blog Tour: The Truth About Lies by Tracy Darnton – Review

Synopsis from Goodreads

Jess has an incredible memory. She can remember every single detail of every single day since she was eleven. But Jess would rather not be remarkable and, after years of testing at the hands of a ruthless research team, she has finally managed to escape.

Just when Jess thinks that she’s managing to settle in to living a normal life, everything changes. Her boarding-school roommate dies and the school is thrown into a state of chaos and grief. Then new boy Dan appears and Jess can’t help but find herself drawn to him. But building relationships is hard when you can’t reveal who you really are and Jess is getting hints that someone knows more about her than she would like.

Is it time to run again? Will she ever be truly free?

Perfect for fans of E. Lockhart, Eve Ainsworth and Sophie McKenzie.


One of my favourite things about The Truth About Lies by Tracy Darnton is Jess, the main character. She isn’t your typical likeable character to start with but the more you get into her head and understand how her brain works you start to warm up to her. I do tend to love an unlikable character, one that comes with many flaws and hidden secrets.

The book is extremely well written and I love that each chapter starts with a quote on the subject of Memory. Not only you are reading an awesome story, but you are also learning a few things about Jess’s condition.

I’m not gonna lie, when I was younger I wished I had photographic memory so I could be one of those people who could recite entire books to others, like I had a super skill. 

As any good thriller, straight from the beginning of the book, you start asking too many questions, who is Jess hiding from? What really happened to her roommate? Who is sending Jess creepy notes? Is Dan really interested in her? Is the new teacher actually a teacher? Is Jess’s memory actually that reliable? Has anyone been in my room and moved things around? Is someone following me? Is my boyfriend really my boyfriend? 

Just like Jess I was getting too suspicious of everything and everyone. However, Jess has her reasons for it. The more you get into the story, the more you get to understand why Jess is how she is, and why she is so suspicious of everything. I like how we get so deep in her mind and her feelings that even I was suspicious of every new character and start to read in between the lines maybe a bit too much.

I do love a good thriller and The Truth About Lies really kept me on my toes until the end. If you like thrillers, with a dash of romance and a good dose of mystery this book is definitely for you. Just be aware that this book can also leave you a bit paranoid and suspicious of everything and everyone.

Rating: ★★★★☆

The Truth About Lies by Tracy Darnton will be out in paperback on the 12th of July and is available for pre-order on Amazon(affiliated link).

Thanks Stripes for sending me an ARC of The Truth About Lies in exchange for my honest review.

*FangirlSince1988 xxx

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