Top 5 Wednesday – Books You Disliked But Love To Discuss

Hello there! So this post is a few days late because my laptop crashed. It’s a bit of a nightmare as it happened before I scheduled my posts on WordPress, so basically have to re-type it all by heart using the mobile app. If there is any typos, I blame the tiny keyboard on my phone and my chubby fingers.

This week it’s all about those books that you disliked or were just kinda meh, but for some reason they have lot of discussion points to go on about.

This is a hard one for me as normally if I don’t like a book I just can’t be bothered to talk about them. So this week my top 5 will be more like top 2, but since there is more than one book in each of the series, technically I hit the numbers.

The Lord of The Rings trilogy by JRR Tolkien

I can already hear you guys shouting ‘blasphemy’ at your screens. I must confess I haven’t gone further than the first few chapters of The Fellowship of The Ring. Why? Because is boring.

However, the reason why I love to discuss these books is also the reason why I found them so boring. Those first few chapters are full of bloody descriptions of the whole of The Shire, I just couldn’t get past that. But that is exactly why the films are so visual stunning, because the books are so descriptive.

Basically means what makes the book so boring for me, it’s also what makes the films so good.

Maybe one day I will give it another go.

Fifty Shades of Grey Series by E.L. James

Do I really need to explain this one?

I have been fascinated with Erotica writing for quite a young age. I may have wrote somethings myself in one of my lockable diaries. Let’s just say I loved it before it was even cool.

Then it comes this disgrace of a book that not only makes Erotica look weird but also really misses the mark on what BDSM is.

Also the writing is so appalling. If a foreigner like me can spot your grammar mistakes you are definitely doing something wrong.

I just can’t even with this one.

I must confess my hypocrisy though. I have watched the films, not because of plot but because I think Jamie Dornan it’s a God and I can’t resist him in a film! #SorryNotSorry

So what do you think of my T5W T2W this week? What’s the books you hated but still love to talk about?

May your readings be ever in your favour!

*FangirlSince1988 xxx