Blind Date With A Book: Bookish Charity Event at BFI IMAX

Today I have some exciting details to share with you. My friend Leona is a supervisor at BFI IMAX and she had the brilliant idea to organise a Blind Date With a Book Charity Event to raise funds for the Costa Foundation.

Lately, there has been a lot of films coming out that are based on books. A Wrinkle in Time, Everyday, Red Sparrow, Love, Simon, and Ready Player One. These types of films draw a lot of people to the cinema, either fans of the books or cinema goers in general. It’s basically a nice day out for bookworms like us.

So Leona thought, what could be a better way to raise money for the Costa Foundation than to organise a book related fundraiser for when one of those films is showing at the BFI IMAX?

Leona very kindly asked me to assist her on acquiring books to be sold at the event and I had a blast using my publisher contacts for it. It really feels good to use your contacts for something as important as a Charity. The publishers were all so kind and we have acquired such a good amount of books for the event.

We have now wrapped all the books and they are ready to be bought by you from the today until the 13th of April, at the Costa Coffee inside the BFI IMAX, at Waterloo.


Me and Leona, after an afternoon wrapping most of the books. (Thanks Katie for all the beautiful handwriting and the photo)

So make sure to come on down and treat yourself to some new books. You don’t need to have a ticket to the cinema to come inside and buy the books, but why not REALLY treat yourself and come watch Ready Player One and get some books, while helping out such a good cause?

If for any reason my charming skills have failed to convince you to come, then I’m going to leave you with a little Q&A with Leona, the brains behind this awesome idea.

How did you started as a Costa Foundation Ambassador?

I first started raising money for the Costa Foundation when I was working at Bournemouth. Me and my team were like a family and we were trying to come up with ideas for things to do together.

My first idea was to organise a raffle and we were able to raise quite a considerable amount of money. That’s also when I started to learn more about the Costa Foundation and what they do, and I realised that it was a really good thing, to raise all this money to build schools in countries where our coffee is grown.

I then transferred to the Costa at BFI IMAX and because both my stores have been able to raise £1000 each in that year, I was able to get my Costa Foundation Ambassador Status.

One of the reasons, I got invested in raising money for the Costa Foundation was because all of the money raised actually goes into the foundations’ projects. As a team we are told every year how much the store has raised and where the money has been spent on, and its wonderful to see that the money we raise is going to these communities who need it the most.

The Costa Foundation motto is “Changing Lives, One School At A Time” and I really love to be part of that as their Ambassador.

What is your goal for this year?

There was this store in Wales, which was the first Odeon store to raise over £2000 in one year. I’m hopping to go over that amount this year, so I’m constantly planning the next fundraiser idea.

So do you have any ideas for your next fundraiser?

I do have a few ones that I’m already getting things organised for. The first one that I would be running for Easter is to guess how many sweets are in the jar. People donate to have a chance of guessing and whomever guesses it right, wins the whole jar of sweets.

The second one is to be run during Avengers: Infinity War that is coming out on the 27th of April. Previously, I have sold my hand embroidered patches for Black Panther and I was quite happy that we raised quite a good amount of money towards the Costa Foundation. I’m currently working on some hand embroidered patches related to the Avengers to sell when the film comes out, so make sure to pop in there if you want to be in the chance to get some.

This is all I have for you today! If you see yourselves around the Waterloo area why not pop in for a Blind Date With A Book and help a wonderful Foundation? I’m sure I will.

If you want to know more about the Costa Foundation you can check their website here.

If you like Leona’s awesome hand embroidered patches you can check her Etsy store out or her Instagram. She actually takes commissions, and she is also working (as per my suggestion) on some bookish ones! So keep an eye out.

Me and Leona would like to finish this blog post with a massive thanks to all the awesome publishers that have sent their amazing books out for this fundraiser. Make sure you send them some love too!

*FangirlSince1988 xxx