Blog Tour: The Love Curse of Melody McIntyre by Robin Talley


It’s easy not to fall in love, right?

Melody McIntyre, stage manager extraordinaire, has a plan for everything. What she doesn’t have? Success with love. Every time she falls for someone during a school performance, both the romance and the show end in catastrophe. So, Mel swears off love until their upcoming production of Les Mis is over.

Of course, Mel didn’t count on Odile Rose, rising star in the acting world, auditioning for the spring performance. And she definitely didn’t expect Odile to be sweet, and funny and care as much about the play’s success as Mel. Which means that Melody McIntyre’s only plan now is trying desperately not to fall in love.

A hilarious, heartwarming and empowering read, perfect for fans of Pitch Perfect, Love Simon and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.


The Love Curse of Melody McIntyre by Robin Talley was exactly what I needed after a bit of a reading slump.

I’ve only read one other book by the author – Pulp – which I really loved, so when I saw the opportunity to join the Blog Tour for The Love Curse of Melody McIntyre I just had to. Especially, being someone who absolutely adores Theatre, I really couldn’t resist a LGBTQ+ YA RomCom set in the theatre department of a High School.

I’m not going to lie, I really left this one until the last possible minute to read, because due to this pandemic my ADHD and Anxiety have been all over the place. I’ve started so many books in the past couple of months, but I just couldn’t block it down. However, I gave my word that I will be part of the Blog Tour so many weeks ago and one thing that gets me going it’s the fear of disappointing people.

With this in mind, on Sunday night I decided to pick up this book and I’m glad I did because I couldn’t stop reading until I was done!

Not sure if it was the fact that I’ve been missing theatre so much since this cursed pandemic started or that it has the cutest f/f love story, but The Love Curse of Melody McIntyre was the book that I really needed right now. (So, thank you past Ana for saying yes to this blog tour!)

The Love Curse of Melody McIntyre by Robin Talley, plays on theatre superstitions. Any theatre geek knows how you should not wish Good Luck but instead say Break a Leg, and how you should not mention Macbeth in a theatre (unless it’s during the performance of said play). If you disrespect the superstitions, really bad things can happen to those working in the theatre. So everyone, even the non-believers, usually respect the superstitions. Unless your name is Nick the Dick…

What I also loved about the book, was how it was divided like a play, by Acts and then with scene heads as a way to represent a new chapter. The writing was a bit more simple from the one from Pulp, but I think with how theatre techie it is, the simplicity actually made the the story flow so much better.

Melody, our main character, isn’t the instant likeable character, at least not for me. (I wonder if it was due to our difference of opinions when it comes to liking actors and her Musical Theatre preferences! ahah) But, she really grows on you and I love how she knows what she loves and just works hard for it. Maybe a bit too hard, but what teenager doesn’t just go overboard with something they’re passionate about? I sure did!

I think some of the lessons that you can get from Melody’s story is that the greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return, and that one can’t just throw away their shot.

This book actually made me shed a few tiers. It could be because I’m emotionally misérable since this pandemic started, but I like to think it was because I actually started to relate to Melody and her love story. It was spot on what I need to read right now, and I’m so happy I had the pleasure to be part of the Blog Tour.

The Love Curse of Melody McIntyre by Robin Talley, is perfect for fans of Leah On the Offbeat and Musical Theatre geeks who also like Pitch Perfect and Glee. Out this Thursday!

Rating: 🍍🍍🍍🍍

Thanks HQ Stories for sending me a e-ARC of The Love Curse of Melody McIntyre in exchange for my honest review.

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Blog Tour: The Day We Meet Again by Miranda Dickinson

Synopsis from Goodreads

‘We’ll meet again at St Pancras station, a year from today. If we’re meant to be together, we’ll both be there. If we’re not, it was never meant to be . . .’

Phoebe and Sam meet by chance at St Pancras station. Heading in opposite directions, both seeking their own adventures, meeting the love of their lives wasn’t part of the plan. So they make a promise: to meet again in the same place in twelve months’ time if they still want to be together.

But is life ever as simple as that?

This is a story of what-ifs and maybes – and how one decision can change your life forever…


From the moment I read those first pages I knew that I was in for a beautiful heartbreaking journey.

After meeting Miranda during the HQ Summer Showcase, I knew I had to read The Day We Meet Again. The way she described her book to me, hitting all the things I love and hope for in a romance, there was no way I would let this one escape my bookshelves.

It only took me a few pages to get me totally engrossed in the book, I just couldn’t put it down. I absolutely adored every moment of this journey full of love, missed chances, mistakes, serendipity and self discovery, which Dickinson took me.

Getting to know Phoebe and Sam as they got to know each other, and more importantly as they got to discover themselves through their journeys, was for sure an experience. I do love a romance that makes you stop and re-think your life.

Are you really doing what makes you happy? That’s the question that The Day We Meet Again has left me with…as is never too late to just truly do what feels right to you (even when no one else believes you can do it!).

However, the biggest feeling I was left with was of wanderlust, sometimes I do wonder if I could do what Phoebe did and just leave everything behind and travel for 1 year. Even more so when you just met the love of your life? To have to say goodbye before saying I love you, that’s not an easy thing to do. Could you do it?

Not only we fall in love with Phoebe and Sam, but also the people who surround them. They both have some of the best friends anyone could ask for and is just wonderful to see a range of different types of friendships being portrayed. Plus every single person they both meet along their journey, no matter how small of a character or not they are, every single one of them is so well written.

Then comes the setting! It’s set in England, Scotland, France and Italy. Every place described so well and so realistic that you truly believe that your there ‘Marking the moment’ with Phoebe.

I have to say that the Film & TV Graduate in me would love to see this one make into the big screen because I think it would be a beautiful love story set in the most stunning places, and who doesn’t love those films? I know I do.

The Day We Meet Again is perfect for fans of Eat Pray Love and Love, Rosie and is out now!

Rating: 🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍

Thanks HQ for sending me a paperback copy of The Day We Meet Again in exchange for my honest review.






Blog Tour: We Are Not Okay by Natália Gomes


Synopsis from Goodreads

A powerful novel about what happens when girls are silenced.

If only they could have spoken out.
Lucy thinks she’s better than the other girls.
Maybe if she’s pointing fingers at everyone else, no one will see the secret she’s hiding.

Ulana comes from a conservative Muslim family where reputation is everything. One rumour – true or false – can destroy futures.

Trina likes to party. She’s kissed a lot of boys. She’s even shown her red bra to one. But she didn’t consent to that
night at Lucy’s party. So why doesn’t anyone believe

Sophia loved her boyfriend. She did anything for him, even send him photos of herself. So why is she the one being pointed at in the hallways, laughed at, spat at when it was him who betrayed her trust?



We Are definitely Not Okay, especially with everything that is going on right now in the world. Us women are definitely not okay.

In We Are Not Okay by  Natália Gomes, we are told the story of 4 different girls from their own perspectives. How we judge each other without knowing what is really going on and how we should definitely stick together instead of attacking each other, as to be fair men/boys already do enough of that to us. And yes #NotAllMen but that’s not really the point here.

At first, I wasn’t sure of what to think of the book, because tend to be quite weary about books that depict girls against each other. However, Gomes still wrote a very accurate representation, or in this case 4 different but very realistic portraits of what is to grow up as a young girl. The thing is that as much as I want to read books about girls empowering each other we aren’t always like that.

You will have to give it a read to find out if in the end this girls have some kind of redemption, but I tell you now that is totally worth the read.

I think Gomes wrote very flawed characters which is perhaps why they ended up feeling so realistic. All of the girls had their weaknesses as they had their strengths, but all that they had in common is that one way or another they were being silenced.

It was only when they finally spoke that things begin to make sense. It was only when they spoke that they could see that they aren’t as alone as they think.

We Are Not Okay by Natalia Gomes deals with a lot of current issues that young people go through, and perhaps if one of them reads this book and realises that they are not alone, perhaps will be one more person who won’t be silenced.

Rating: 🍍🍍🍍🍍

We Are Not Okay by Natália Gomes is available in paperback and you can get it now on Amazon(affiliated link).

Thanks HQ and Nina Douglas for sending me a paperback copy of We Are Not Okay in exchange for my honest review.

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Blog Tour: The Wolves of Winter by Tyrell Johnson – Review

Synopsis from Goodreads

Forget the old days. Forget summer. Forget warmth. Forget anything that doesn’t help you survive.

Lynn McBride has learned much since society collapsed in the face of nuclear war and the relentless spread of disease. As memories of her old life haunt her, she has been forced to forge ahead in the snow-covered Canadian Yukon, learning how to hunt and trap to survive.

But her fragile existence is about to be shattered. Shadows of the world before have found her tiny community—most prominently in the enigmatic figure of Jax, who sets in motion a chain of events that will force Lynn to fulfill a destiny she never imagined.


I think most people know how much I love dystopian books by now. To the point that if you want me to review your book all you have to do is say is dystopian and I’m on it!

However, I wasn’t expecting to love and at the same time be so scared of how amazingly realistic The Wolves of Winter by Tyrell Johnson was. Realistic to the point that once I read the book, there was a news report about something that is mentioned in the story and I was ready to move to Alaska before the flu came knocking on my door.

I initially thought that this was an YA Dystopian, that’s what I get for saying YES!YES!YES! before checking the blurb. Technically, I will consider it being a blend of YA with New Adult, due to Lynn’s age in her flashbacks.

It’s a bit of a slow-burner but in a way that absolutely works. There is enough time for you to set the story in this snowy wasteland that is all kinds of atmospheric and haunting. There is enough time for you to care for the outcome of these characters, some more than others. Basically as you take in the scenery you enjoy the story that unfolds.

I think what I found the most scary is how this future can turn into a reality. The events the snowballed the whole apocalypse are events that have already happened. You can see how things can suddenly turn into this post-apocalyptic world. You just got to hope that it doesn’t.

It’s just a brilliant debut by Tyrell Johnson  with a smart and tough young woman as the protagonist. I do hope there is a sequel to it because I will definitely be reading it!

Rating: 🍍🍍🍍🍍.5

The Wolves of Winter by Tyrell Johnson is out today in Paperback and you can get it now on Amazon (affiliated link).

Thanks HQ Stories and Nina Douglas for sending me a paperback copy of The Wolves of Winter in exchange for my honest review.

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Blog Tour: Miss Marley by Vanessa Lafaye

img_6760.jpgSynopsis from Goodreads

Before A Christmas Carol there was… Miss Marley

A seasonal tale of kindness and goodwill.
Orphans Clara and Jacob Marley live by their wits, scavenging for scraps in the poorest alleyways of London, in the shadow of the workhouse. Every night, Jake promises his little sister ‘tomorrow will be better’ and when the chance to escape poverty comes their way, he seizes it despite the terrible price.

And so Jacob Marley is set on a path that leads to his infamous partnership with Ebenezer Scrooge. As Jacob builds a fortress of wealth to keep the world out, only Clara can warn him of the hideous fate that awaits him if he refuses to let love and kindness into his heart…

In Miss Marley, Vanessa Lafaye weaves a spellbinding Dickensian tale of ghosts, goodwill and hope – a perfect prequel to A Christmas Carol.


I’m a big fan of Charles Dickens, so when offered the chance to review Miss Marley which is set in Dickens A Christmas Carol I just couldn’t say no.

The idea of picking up a character from a beloved classic such as A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens and write their story, it can only be done by someone with some guts. This is the kind of thing that can go very wrong, but in this case it went the complete opposite way.

The way that Vanessa Lafaye decided to tell Jacob Marley’s story through the eyes of her own character – his sister Clara Belle Marley – was a stroke of genius. This decision is what gave Lafaye the freedom she needed to explore their story, while still being truthful to Dickens creation.

I had no idea until after I finished reading, that the author Vanessa Lafaye has unfortunately passed away before finishing writing Miss Marley. Her good friend and writing partner Rebecca Mascull whom shared the same love for Dickens as Lafaye, took upon the task of finishing the book for her. While reading the novella, I really couldn’t pin point where Lafaye voice ended and Rebecca Mascull began.

As Mascull said in the Afterword, it was like Vanessa’s voice flowed through her while she was writing…and that’s the feeling I got from reading.

Miss Marley is a quick and delightful read for all Dickens and Vanessa Lafaye fans. The perfect gift for classic book lovers at Christmas.

Rating: 🍍🍍🍍🍍.5

Miss Marley by Vanessa Lafaye is available for pre-order on Amazon (affiliated link).

Thanks HQ Stories for sending me a ARC of Miss Marley in exchange for my honest review.

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Blog Tour: Indecent by Corinne Sullivan (Mild Spoilers!)


Synopsis by Goodreads:

Shy, introverted Imogene Abney has always been fascinated by the elite world of prep schools, having secretly longed to attend one since she was a girl in Buffalo, New York. So, shortly after her college graduation, when she’s offered a teaching position at the Vandenberg School for Boys, an all-boys prep school in Westchester, New York, she immediately accepts, despite having little teaching experience—and very little experience with boys.

When Imogene meets handsome, popular Adam Kipling a few weeks into her tenure there, a student who exudes charm and status and ease, she’s immediately drawn to him. Who is this boy who flirts with her without fear of being caught? Who is this boy who seems immune to consequences and worry; a boy for whom the world will always provide?

As an obsessive, illicit affair begins between them, Imogene is so lost in the haze of first love that she’s unable to recognize the danger she’s in. The danger of losing her job. The danger of losing herself in the wrong person. The danger of being caught doing something possibly illegal and so indecent.

Exploring issues of class, sex, and gender, this smart, sexy debut by Corinne Sullivan shatters the black-and- white nature of victimhood, taking a close look at blame and moral ambiguity.


Student-Teacher stories always divide people’s opinions, especially when the student is under 18. Still, I jumped at the occasion to read this book, because who’s the person that hadn’t got a bit of a crush on one of their teachers growing up? No one? Just me then.

Indecent by Corinne Sullivan deals with a student-teacher relationship, which I can imagine to be disturbing for anyone who doesn’t like this kind of theme. Imogene it’s a 22 year old teacher apprentice, but she really doesn’t sound older than 16/17 years old. Perhaps it’s her history of anxiety and depression or the fact that she has an unhealthy expectation for relationships that make her look so young.

Not long after arriving at the school, Imogene gets in a sexual relationship with one of the students at the boarding school. At the beginning it’s just sex, but as they get to know each other her feelings start to change too. Due to her lack of experience around boys, she see Adam’s actions as something more than it is.

I believe that she found in Adam what she hoped to get when she was in high school, but never did. At times, Adam himself sounds much more mature than her, which can be showed later in the book when the relationship hits an impasse. Imogene is the adult here, but she is in no way a responsible one. Putting all the blame onto a kid that already has too much on his plate.

Sullivan’s writing style gives you a sense of unease and anxiety, mixed with the expectation that things will work out in the end. As is written in the first person, this writing style does makes you feel exactly how Imogene is feeling. Just like her, you are so focused on her feelings about this relationship, that you forget that the kid here is Adam. He is literally falling apart in front of her, and she is too worried about herself to help him.

Even though I wanted to read the book for the romance, I feel that I got much more out of it. There is a reason why this type of relationships should stay only a fantasy, and Sullivan’s show us exactly why.

The title of this book pretty much sums it all up, it’s all very Indecent.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Indecent by Corinne Sullivan will be out in the 31st of May in paperback and is available for pre-order on Amazon(affiliated link).

Thanks HQ Stories for sending me a paperback copy of Indecent in exchange for my honest review.

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Blog Tour: Ace of Shades by Amanda Foody


Synopsis by Goodreads

Welcome to the City of Sin, where casino families reign, gangs infest the streets…
and secrets hide in every shadow.

Enne Salta was raised as a proper young lady, and no lady would willingly visit New Reynes, the so-called City of Sin. But when her mother goes missing, Enne must leave her finishing school—and her reputation—behind to follow her mother’s trail to the city where no one survives uncorrupted.

Frightened and alone, her only lead is a name: Levi Glaisyer. Unfortunately, Levi is not the gentleman she expected—he’s a street lord and a con man. Levi is also only one payment away from cleaning up a rapidly unraveling investment scam, so he doesn’t have time to investigate a woman leading a dangerous double life. Enne’s offer of compensation, however, could be the solution to all his problems.

Their search for clues leads them through glamorous casinos, illicit cabarets and into the clutches of a ruthless mafia donna. As Enne unearths an impossible secret about her past, Levi’s enemies catch up to them, ensnaring him in a vicious execution game where the players always lose. To save him, Enne will need to surrender herself to the city…

And she’ll need to play.


At first, I wasn’t sure where this book was taking me but I absolutely adored the journey it took me on. Ace of Shades is the first book I’ve read by Amanda Foody and I tell you now that it won’t be the last. Especially, because I need to know what else happens in The Shadow Game series.

Amanda’s world building is truly amazing. At times, it feels that you are the one walking around the North Side of New Reynes trying to outrun the gangs. It’s a world of fantasy and magic that doesn’t feel quite that different from reality, which makes it a bit more  easy to relate.

Foody also writes some very complex, diverse and likeable characters. I realised that this was the first time I read a book with a male bisexual character. A black bisexual gang lord?? If that doesn’t lure you to read this book, then the casino lights and the gambling certainly will.

I’m a sucker for romance, and I absolutely love books when the chemistry is there and the moments where the couple almost kisses keeps happening. Especially when it comes to a series, I love the anticipation of the ‘Will it happen?’. It’s like the author is teasing us, and Amanda surely delivers this romantic suspense very well with Levi and Enne.

The only reason why I haven’t given this book 5 stars, is because I felt that is a bit of a slow burner, which is something  that I love with romance but not when it comes to action. The story is quite interesting from the beginning but the action does take a bit to get going which can make some people not stick with it until the end.  However, once the action picked up I couldn’t stop reading until the very last page. I finished the book wanting more. I still do!

I also love the way the magic or talent is portrayed in this book, is quite an unusual take on things. Peculiarly, because most of the time I felt that the characters weren’t constantly using their talents to get what they needed. Said that, I’m hoping that with the second book things get even more magical and dark. I love how much darker things got by the end, in terms of plot and also character development.

Overall, I utterly loved this book and for sure I’ll be reading the next instalments of The Shadow Game series. If you love a Las Vegas inspired fantasy world, with mystery, gangs and magic then Ace Of Shades should be your next TBR book.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Ace of Shades by Amanda Foody is available in paperback and you can get it now on Amazon(affiliated link).

Thanks HQ Stories for sending me a paperback copy of Ace of Shades in exchange for my honest review.

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Blog Tour: Carnivore by Jonathan Lyon


Warning: This book contains drugs, murder, torture, rape and sexual content.

Synopsis by HQ

Meet Leander: lover, fighter, liar.

He learnt a long time ago that nothing is as intoxicating as blood. But whether it’s his or someone else’s doesn’t matter any more. There’s a mysterious pain in every muscle of his body and it’s got so bad that he’ll do anything to escape it.

Up to now, it’s been his secret. But it’s hard to remain invisible when you leave a trail of destruction everywhere you go. So, when he comes to the attention of one of London’s most infamous criminals, Leander decides to put his appetite for violence to the ultimate test.

Let the villain win.

Mini Review

This is a hard one to review, not because it’s not good (it is!) but because I felt once I started reading it that I may be the wrong reader for the book. I was very surprised by it, because I usually enjoy this kind raw and gritty stories. Then I realised that I most consume this type of stories by a different medium, either in film or TV show format. When watching it on a screen, you can usual look away during any scenes that are too gruesome for you, but with Carnivore the only option is to keep reading.

Carnivore takes you on a journey. The type of journey that if you have a weak stomach, then you best stay clear from. It’s a very impressive debut by Jonathan Lyon, his writing is brilliant. To the point that is too good at giving you vivid images of all the twisted and downright disgusting world that our main character Leander belongs too. In my 13 years of watching Criminal Minds I have never felt as disturbed as I felt reading this book.

However, Carnivore also shows some vulnerabilities in between all the weirdness. The plot just gets crazier and more grotesque as you go along, but for some reason you can’t stop reading it. I’m still trying to figure it out if I enjoyed it or not, all I can think is how twisted it was.

Psychologically this book can be upsetting for some readers, so unless you can enjoy very explicitly morbid and grotesque scenes you are probably not the right reader for it. Even though I enjoy those types of scenes, I’m still not sure if I was right for it.

This is the type of book that even though is fantastically well written, it will only please a very specific type of reader. If you think you are that reader then I really recommend you picking up a copy of Carnivore by Jonathan Lyon.

Rating: ★★★✬☆

Carnivore by Jonathan Lyon is available in paperback and you can get it now on Amazon(affiliated link).

Thanks HQ Stories for sending me a paperback copy of Carnivore in exchange for my honest review.

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Blog Tour: Her Last Lie by Amanda Brittany


She thought she was free of the past. She was wrong. Six years ago Isla was the only victim to walk free from Carl Jeffery’s vicious murder spree. Now, Isla vows to live her life to the fullest and from the outside it appears perfect.

Determined to finish her book Isla plans her final trip to Sweden, but after returning from Canada and meeting a man she never thought she would, her life begins to derail. Suddenly Isla is plagued by memories of the man who tried to murder her, and the threat that he could be back causes her to question everything, and everyone around her.


It’s blog tour time with HQ Digital! Today it’s a review of the psychological thriller Her Last Lie by Amanda Brittany.

This is a very good book and I absolutely like the way it’s written, as that’s what makes the ending so good. However, before you get there the pace can at times be a bit slower than I normally like for thriller. But OH MY! Part two of the book makes it all worth it for sure.

When all the pieces finally fit together and it all clicks in your brain, it’s such a brilliant moment. There are moments when you think you’ve finally got it, but then something else happens and you start doubting yourself. It’s beautifully done and after a while the paranoia starts creeping into real life.

Isla is not a very likeable character, but there is a reason for this. However, her boyfriend Jack is the sweetest thing in the world! A precious cinnamon roll that needs protecting from this world, and I hate what Isla puts him through. #JackDeservedBetter

I do have one concern about a character. Isla’s niece Abigail, is mentioned as having Asperger’s Syndrome. I feel that this is a bit of a token character, that the only reason she’s there is to show us how much Isla’s sister Millie struggles in life. How unlucky she is for not only having an asshole of an absent husband but also a child with Asperger’s. I feel that the niece could have been written just as a struggling kid and the message would still come across the same. As much as we need more characters in the Autism spectrum, we also need them to be there for a good reason. They can’t only be there to show us how much of a burden it is to raise one. There is a need for better representation.

Apart from that, I truly enjoyed this book. It’s a different take on how to write a thriller, one that keeps the mystery going. You will also leave with a desire to travel, or maybe not so much in case a serial killer is looking for their next prey.

If you like thrillers that keep you second-guessing, to the point that you can’t stop turning pages as you need to know why, who and how, then this is the book for you.

To top it all off all author royalties from the book go to Cancer Research. One more reason to go get it!

Rating: ★★★✬☆

You can get Her Last Lie here.

Thanks HQ Digital for sending me a lovely e-copy of Her Last Lie in exchange for my honest review.

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Blog Tour: Christmas at the Dancing Duck by Daisy James

Synopsis by HQ Digital

Ever since tragedy struck a few years ago, television presenter Kirstie Harrison has hated Christmas – but she didn’t intend to tell the whole country live on air! She needs to lie low for a few weeks, so she’s finally coming home for the holidays, determined that this Christmas will be different…

 Staying at the family pub, The Dancing Duck, means it’s impossible not to get caught up in the little village of Cranbury’s festive traditions. And it’s equally impossible to avoid her ex, Josh Turner! Kirstie is torn between making this the best Christmas yet and knowing that she can’t stay forever.


It’s that time again for a lovely Blog Tour up in yours truly’s blog. Today’s stop is all about Christmas at the Dancing Duck by Daisy James.

So grab your Chianti (or if you are a poor bugger like me, grab some Prosecco) and cosy up with this delightful festive read, as this little gem of a book has bundles of Christmas cheer all around. Well, not quite all around, as Kirstie our main character seems to loathe Christmas and any Christmas related food or traditions (Bah Humbug!).

When tragedy strikes there are two types of people: the ones that loathe all that reminds them of their missing loved ones, and the ones like Olivia (Kirstie’s sister) that try their best to keep their memory and traditions alive (I’m deffo the later!).

I do love the start of the book, as I work in TV myself so it gave me that familiarity of being behind the scenes. I would have been so embarrassed if I had made a mistake like Martin had, but I have to say sound department can be quite hard. Mistakes do happen quite often, and it’s how you deal with them that make or break you.

I wouldn’t say that Kirstie is the kind of character that you like straight away, but the type that once you get to know her you warm to her. I wonder if the reason being is, that she isn’t that keen on Christmas, while on the other hand I start celebrating it once Halloween is over. #SorryNotSorry

However, she does try her best to make the last Christmas at the Dancing Duck the best ever, even though everyone seems to hate her for not opposing to the sale of the beloved pub. Or maybe because she is cosying up to the enemy instead of her handsome first love Josh (What are you doing girl?!?).

James’ writing brilliantly captivates the Christmas spirit and really captures the village community. The writing is so descriptive that it makes you feel that you are at a cosy village pub having a laugh with the locals. Also make sure to have some snacks in hand, because when it comes to the food descriptions, your mouth will be watering in seconds.

If you are looking for a book full of Christmas cheer, English countryside, village love, family joy and romance, this is the book to get.

This book has been a perfect festive treat for my last blog tour of December. I’m very thankful to HQ Digital for all the festive reads they have sent me, and in particular to Daisy James for this wonderful read.

Rating: ★★★★☆

You can get Christmas at the Dancing Duck here.

Thanks HQ Digital for sending me a lovely e-copy of Christmas at the Dancing Duck in exchange for my honest review.

Happy Holidays!

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