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Warning: This book contains drugs, murder, torture, rape and sexual content.

Synopsis by HQ

Meet Leander: lover, fighter, liar.

He learnt a long time ago that nothing is as intoxicating as blood. But whether it’s his or someone else’s doesn’t matter any more. There’s a mysterious pain in every muscle of his body and it’s got so bad that he’ll do anything to escape it.

Up to now, it’s been his secret. But it’s hard to remain invisible when you leave a trail of destruction everywhere you go. So, when he comes to the attention of one of London’s most infamous criminals, Leander decides to put his appetite for violence to the ultimate test.

Let the villain win.

Mini Review

This is a hard one to review, not because it’s not good (it is!) but because I felt once I started reading it that I may be the wrong reader for the book. I was very surprised by it, because I usually enjoy this kind raw and gritty stories. Then I realised that I most consume this type of stories by a different medium, either in film or TV show format. When watching it on a screen, you can usual look away during any scenes that are too gruesome for you, but with Carnivore the only option is to keep reading.

Carnivore takes you on a journey. The type of journey that if you have a weak stomach, then you best stay clear from. It’s a very impressive debut by Jonathan Lyon, his writing is brilliant. To the point that is too good at giving you vivid images of all the twisted and downright disgusting world that our main character Leander belongs too. In my 13 years of watching Criminal Minds I have never felt as disturbed as I felt reading this book.

However, Carnivore also shows some vulnerabilities in between all the weirdness. The plot just gets crazier and more grotesque as you go along, but for some reason you can’t stop reading it. I’m still trying to figure it out if I enjoyed it or not, all I can think is how twisted it was.

Psychologically this book can be upsetting for some readers, so unless you can enjoy very explicitly morbid and grotesque scenes you are probably not the right reader for it. Even though I enjoy those types of scenes, I’m still not sure if I was right for it.

This is the type of book that even though is fantastically well written, it will only please a very specific type of reader. If you think you are that reader then I really recommend you picking up a copy of Carnivore by Jonathan Lyon.

Rating: ★★★✬☆

Carnivore by Jonathan Lyon is available in paperback and you can get it now on Amazon(affiliated link).

Thanks HQ Stories for sending me a paperback copy of Carnivore in exchange for my honest review.

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