Blog Tour: The Wolves of Winter by Tyrell Johnson – Review

Synopsis from Goodreads

Forget the old days. Forget summer. Forget warmth. Forget anything that doesn’t help you survive.

Lynn McBride has learned much since society collapsed in the face of nuclear war and the relentless spread of disease. As memories of her old life haunt her, she has been forced to forge ahead in the snow-covered Canadian Yukon, learning how to hunt and trap to survive.

But her fragile existence is about to be shattered. Shadows of the world before have found her tiny community—most prominently in the enigmatic figure of Jax, who sets in motion a chain of events that will force Lynn to fulfill a destiny she never imagined.


I think most people know how much I love dystopian books by now. To the point that if you want me to review your book all you have to do is say is dystopian and I’m on it!

However, I wasn’t expecting to love and at the same time be so scared of how amazingly realistic The Wolves of Winter by Tyrell Johnson was. Realistic to the point that once I read the book, there was a news report about something that is mentioned in the story and I was ready to move to Alaska before the flu came knocking on my door.

I initially thought that this was an YA Dystopian, that’s what I get for saying YES!YES!YES! before checking the blurb. Technically, I will consider it being a blend of YA with New Adult, due to Lynn’s age in her flashbacks.

It’s a bit of a slow-burner but in a way that absolutely works. There is enough time for you to set the story in this snowy wasteland that is all kinds of atmospheric and haunting. There is enough time for you to care for the outcome of these characters, some more than others. Basically as you take in the scenery you enjoy the story that unfolds.

I think what I found the most scary is how this future can turn into a reality. The events the snowballed the whole apocalypse are events that have already happened. You can see how things can suddenly turn into this post-apocalyptic world. You just got to hope that it doesn’t.

It’s just a brilliant debut by Tyrell Johnson  with a smart and tough young woman as the protagonist. I do hope there is a sequel to it because I will definitely be reading it!

Rating: 🍍🍍🍍🍍.5

The Wolves of Winter by Tyrell Johnson is out today in Paperback and you can get it now on Amazon (affiliated link).

Thanks HQ Stories and Nina Douglas for sending me a paperback copy of The Wolves of Winter in exchange for my honest review.

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The Unknown Truth by Annette Labelle – Book REVIEW

unknowntruthAnnette Labelle’s debut novel ‘The Unknown Truth’ has everything you would expect from a paranormal mystery young adult story. Misunderstood teenager, unexpected love and…ghosts.

Tina is a normal teenage girl like any other; she is studying for exams, wondering about prom and if her friend Jack will ask her to be his date. However, her life has an unexpected twist when an evil spirit starts haunting their house, taking a particular interest in her. Unable to get her parents to see what’s happening, Tina knows that for the sake of her family she needs to stop it all, before things get really out of hand.

The eeriness and suspense grabs you straight from the beginning, making this book a real page turner. Labelle beautifully captures the life of a well adjusted teenager and adds a chilling paranormal twist, turning Tina’s life completely upside down. Relationships are tested, trust is broken and Tina has to find strength in herself to overcome it all as she is the key to save her family.

If like me, you have a taste for paranormal young adult stories (even though you’re way pass the young adult status!) make sure to give this one a read. I promise you won’t regret it, even though you will sleep with the lights on for a week.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Disclosure: Received free copy of the book for my honest review.

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