Editing Emma by Chloe Seager – Book Review


Editing Emma in Marbella

You know when you read a book that connects with you on such a personal level that you want everyone to read it? Chloe Seager’s debut novel Editing Emma is exactly the one I want you all to read (NOW!).

Written as a series of blog posts, Editing Emma tells us the story, or better Emma Nash tell us her story, via her “Secret blog of a nearly proper person”.

Emma uses her blog more as a diary for herself where she records her school life, love problems, her masturbation records and pretty much her overall teenage life. “Online you can choose who you want to be, if only real life were so easy”.

This is the book I needed as a teenager so I would have felt I was actually normal, not that there is anything normal about Emma, but knowing that I’m not the only one who secretly stalked their first love after being ghosted (before ghosted was even a thing!) that’s a relief. Oh! And let me tell you that I had to do that during the dial-up internet time. Which basically meant I may or may not have bumped into him ‘by accident’ a few times outside his favourite places.

Teenage girls with a crush can be relentless. Thank Dumbledore that we grow up right? This is one of the first books where I truly felt that this teenage portrayal was spot on, or maybe I’m just happy I found another weirdo like me.

Growing up there wasn’t many witty and honest books about being a teenage girl. Heck, there wasn’t even that many books where the main character was a teenage girl. I feel that just like me Chloe grow up during such terrible times where too many books made us feel guilty about sexual urges and for bleeding out of our vaginas every month.

It’s such a relief that Chloe created a book for teenage girls and I want more books like this, that addresses masturbation, periods and other intrusive thoughts that any 16 year old girl has. This not only a book for teens but also for adults, as we can definitely reminisce on our teenage years, minus the advance in technology (Myspace and MSN messenger was my jam growing up! Do people still use jam? Gosh, I am getting to old in YA years!)

Please, trust me when I tell you this is the book to read! And no, I’m not being paid by Chloe to say all these lovely things (however, she is a big Gilmore Girls fan so she gets extra brownie points for it!).

So head over to your nearest bookshop, favourite book buying website, anywhere that sells books and buy Editing Emma, because I promise you this book will bring laugher into your life.

Hopefully, this wont be the last we read of Chloe!


*FangirlSince1988 xxx

P.S.: Bonus pictures to when I met Chloe in YALC back in July and got my book signed.

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