Scream – The TV Series: Slashing its way into our homes

The last little piece I wrote for Let’s Watch Telly blog is Slashing…I mean Smashing!

A little mild spoiler review of the first season of Scream: The TV Series.

Go have a little read, if you dare.

Enjoy xxx

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Every time we think we’ve seen the last of the slasher genre, it bloody comes back to life like a psychotic killer ready for a sequel.
Surprise, Sidney!

Slasher films were iconic in the 70’s and 80’s, and when we reached the 90’s we thought the genre was dead until it was revived by Scream in 1996.

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Golden Oldie: Fringe 

When asked to write a Golden Oldie piece for Let’s Watch Telly blog, the first thought in my mind was FRINGE!

Even though it has only been off air for under 4 years, this show is definitely gold!

Go have a little read.

Enjoy xxx

Let's Watch Telly

The show that never got cancelled…in the parallel universe.

I know what you’re thinking; that maybe a show that has only been off the air for a little over three years can’t be considered an Oldie, but trust me, for all of Fringe’s loyal fan base it feels more like 10 years have gone by. 

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Sherlock v Elementary: Sadly, it is not that simple…

Some time ago I did some writing for this awesome little TV blog called Let’s Watch Telly. This was my first writing piece for them, about Sherlock v Elementary and which one it’s the best contemporary adaption of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle stories.

Go give it a little read.

Enjoy xxx

Let's Watch Telly

Over the years Sherlock Holmes has become one of the most iconic characters in film and television, and the inspiration for many of the detectives we’ve come to love in popular culture.

It was inevitable that at some point in entertainment evolution, we’d end up with two.

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Hello, Hello!

After a year hiatus I’M BACK BABY! *Dances around the room*

I’m pretty excited to start up the blog again, but you must be wondering why?

Well, I want this blog to be a place where you can find all of the content I create, either by writing or video.

So I will post here all of my YouTube updates…Oh yeah…I HAVE AN YOUTUBE CHANNEL! (Maybe I should have said that first) Moving on, I will not only use it to update you with my YouTube content, but I will be posting written book/TV/film reviews, and any fun events/experiences that don’t make it into my weekly YouTube videos.

So make sure to click on that button that let’s you follow this blog so you can be updated of new content, and also don’t forget to Subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Until then you can browse around and check out my past work.

See ya later!

xxx Ana Duarte


UnEnchanted (An Unfortunate Fairy Tale #1)’ by Chanda Hahn

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 15.23.54I found this book on my iBooks app; it was free and being a big fan of Brothers Grimm fairytales and fantasy I thought I would give it a go. Even though there was a lack of editing and possibly a few tweaks needed in the character’s development, I still got sucked in to the book for its originality.

On this first instalment of the ‘An Unfortunate Fairy Tale’ series, Hahn introduces us to the ever-so- clumsy and unpopular Mina Grime. An unfortunate incident during her High School trip – where she saves her crush from certain death – changes her status from loser to hero. However, this new found status doesn’t just bring joy, but also has awoken an old family curse. Mina is a descendant of the Brothers Grimm and she has inherited all their unfinished fairytales. To break the curse, she must re-live and finish all the fairytales thrown at her, or her fate will be the same as her failed ancestors…death.

This modern fairytale draws you in because even though you know the tales, Hahn brings them to life with a modern world twist. There are some similarities with the ‘Twilight’ series when it comes to the love triangle plus Mina resembles Bella with her clumsiness and insecurities, however there is something about Mina that makes it easier to relate too than Bella Swan.

I do believe that with a bit more time developing the characters – and with someone proof reading – this book could be a little hidden gem. The book is ideal for a light holiday reading and for everyone that loves fairytales and fantasy, plus it’s free. I can’t wait to purchase the next instalment and see what becomes of Mina Grime.

For more info on the author and her books go to:

To get the E-book for free just go to: Amazon or download it in your iBooks app.

Xoxo Wandering Ana

‘The Unknown Truth’ by Annette Labelle

unknowntruthAnnette Labelle’s debut novel ‘The Unknown Truth’ has everything you would expect from a paranormal mystery young adult story. Misunderstood teenager, unexpected love and…ghosts.

Tina is a normal teenage girl like any other; she is studying for exams, wondering about prom and if her friend Jack will ask her to be his date. However, her life has an unexpected twist when an evil spirit starts haunting their house, taking a particular interest in her. Unable to get her parents to see what’s happening, Tina knows that for the sake of her family she needs to stop it all, before things get really out of hand.

The eeriness and suspense grabs you straight from the beginning, making this book a real page turner. Labelle beautifully captures the life of a well adjusted teenager and adds a chilling paranormal twist, turning Tina’s life completely upside down. Relationships are tested, trust is broken and Tina has to find strength in herself to overcome it all as she is the key to save her family.

If like me, you have a taste for paranormal young adult stories (even though you’re way pass the young adult status!) make sure to give this one a read. I promise you won’t regret it, even though you will sleep with the lights on for a week.

Disclosure: Received free copy of the book for my honest review.

Xoxo Wandering Ana

‘The Olive Tree’ by Deborah Anderson – Book Review

12482143-the-olive-tree-by-deborah-andersonDeborah Anderson’s debut novel ‘The Olive Tree’ isn’t my typical choice of reading material. I craved for an adventure and instead Anderson taught me a harsh reality with her novel. I have to admit that I found it hard to read, not because of its writing style – which is quite wonderful for a first timer – but purely because the story takes you into the fragile and mentally ill mind of Sindy, and what a journey it is. I had to stop reading at times because of how heavy the whole story was. I felt like happiness was being sucked out of me but still kept coming back because I hoped that something good will come Sindy’s way.

If someone knows what pain and suffering is, that person is Sindy. Deprived to see the only person who ever care for her, and living in a house full of abuse and hate, it only meant this poor girl will end up being mentally unstable. Pretty much anything bad that could happen to someone, it happened to her, things that you wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Written wonderfully in the first-person style, you do feel like you are Sindy, and your mind gets as confused, crazy, manic, loving, sad, as Sindy’s goes. It’s a journey of abuse, but also of self discovery, and how to deal with things when life is just a total b*tch.

In the end I felt like I learned how the mind of a Bipolar with Manic episodes works, and how an early diagnosis is key to better yourself quicker.

It’s heavy and when you finish you feel like you need some anti-depressants (or maybe just some chocolate ice-cream…with extra sprinkles!) but it’s the kind of story that will linger in your heart for quite some time.

Disclosure: Received free copy of the book for my honest review.

For more info on Deborah Anderson:


Xoxo Wandering Ana

‘AHS: Hotel’ – Hallways Trailer

We finally got our first trailer for the upcoming season of ‘American Horror Story’, and it’s centered on our Mama Monster Lady Gaga. I do think she is a great addition to the show, as she is as weird and freaky as this show can be. Also, it will be quite interesting to see if her acting skills will be as good as her singing.

In this trailer we get to see the new characters for ‘AHS: Hotel’, as it was said “you never know who you will meet in hotel hallways” and in this shady Hotel you might just about meet the weirdest of people.

So which character/s are you most excited to see this season?

All I know is that I can’t wait for October 7th!

Xoxo Wandering Ana

‘Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials’ – Review

In thmaze_runner_the_scorch_trials_ver2_xlge second instalment of the ‘Maze Runner’ saga, Thomas (Dylan O’Brian) and the Gladers are finally out of the Maze, but does that mean that they are out of WCKD? Their journey to uncover WCKD’s true plans takes them to the Scorch, a devastated land where if you’re not infected by the flare you’re most definitely running from it. In there, they team up with a resistant group called The Right Arm, and together they plan to face WCKD. After all…is WCKD really good?

As a big fan of the books it is hard to abstain from comparison. After all this is based on the book, not a visual copy of it. Sometimes we get so attached to the books that we find it hard to see for what it is. However – like I said – it’s very hard!

There are some changes, all to be expected since the first film got some changes to it too. Normally changes are made so the story can move forward in a quicker and smother way. But do they work? I’m afraid that in this one, they failed a bit. I felt that it was lacking a lot of explanation. I know what drives the characters because I read the books, but I wonder if for the ones who haven’t read if they actually got any more new information about what has happened, why is happening, what is the flare, or even what drives them to keep going.

The film has a great cast, I do personally believe they all did a great job portraying their characters, especially newcomer Rosa Salazar who plays Brenda (She seriously kicks some butt!).  Also aesthetically the film looks beautiful, we have some very stunning long shots around the Scorch.

The thing is, these kind of films are always harder to review because I already love the story, I already know the story. All I want as a fan, is that the ones who haven’t read the books love it as much as I do. So, when things are missing I do worry if they would ever fully comprehend the story and if not if they will lose interest.

It’s still a pretty great film, especially for all who love ‘The Hunger Games’ and ‘Divergent’ series. It’s still a must-see because the third instalment is going to be pretty awesome (fingers crossed!) and without this film you won’t really understand much of the next one.

In the end, what they’re going to figure out is that “Life is a klunk but at least you’re not a shank!” (I came up with this quote last year and cracks me up all the time. I know…I’m weird!)

Rating: 7/10

Xoxo Wandering Ana

Temporarily Unavailable – Working on Britain’s Next Top Model

IMG_3857Working on this blog has been so much fun, but I was blessed with some work experience at Britain’s Next Top Model and unfortunately my blog has been lagging.

This is not a message to say that I will be finishing with the blog. No Way! Is just to ask to bear with me while I find a way to conciliate both things. At the moment when I get home I am too exhausted to write, or even watch any of the TV shows.

Meanwhile if you want to be checking what I have been doing go follow Britain’s Next Top Model on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest. (It isn’t all me, we are a big team working on it!)

Also I may say if any of you girls reading this is between the ages of 18 to 23 and over 5’8 tall, send an email to and request an application form! We need more girls with great potential and it can be you! CHASE THE DREAM!

Alright, I will try slowly to catch up on what is missing on the blog, but for now I need a rest!

Xoxo Wandering Ana